Thursday, September 15, 2011

Things I Hate: Edition One



  1. D-Dog (my new nickname for you), I see what you're saying about the Prevent D being a coach's acceptance that their game-time gameplan isn't necessary anymore. (commercial break; coors light, Papa John's, What I disagree with is that it's not a viable alternative to the original gameplan. (commercial; Dodge Ram) I think instead of a nuisance, one should see the Prevent D as a blessing, as a positive effect of playing for 58 minutes of better football. (commercial; Ford, Bud Light, Verizon). You play 56 minutes of smashmouth, between the trenches, grueling football, gain a lead, your players deserve the right to play with less risk to their persons and react to the play instead of forcing it.
    (in-game plug for NBC's weekday primetime schedule)
    On a purely emotional level, I actually enjoy the garbage time Prevent D minutes of a 31-13 game. You see some QB's throw some of the greatest darts, the receivers lay themselves out in desperation and the D play with the confidence that they are gonna win.

    Love the blog.

    (This is Edwin, btw)